James Woods Banned from Twitter After Being Retweeted by Trump

Twitter has banned actor James Woods once again, and questions arise as to whether this is another example of the shameless double standard against conservatives on the platform.

Woods is becoming something of a political commentator as he fearlessly shares his conservative point of view on Twitter, which draws the insane ire of the left.

Moreover, he is also a favorite of President Donald Trump, who has retweeted many of his posts, including two on Monday. This admiration from Trump no doubt makes Woods a lightning rod for the deranged mainstream media and possibly contributed to his trouble with Twitter.

Woods apparently was locked out of his account for sharing a photo of former Florida gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum in a very compromising position.

A March 13 story in the Miami Herald reported that the Democrat, who narrowly lost to Republican Ron DeSantis in 2018, was discovered in a Miami Beach, Florida, hotel room, inebriated and vomiting, when paramedics arrived to attend to 30-year-old male escort Travis Dyson, who was in cardiac arrest.

The pair were with a third man, Aldo Mejias, when the incident occurred, and despite the presence of drug paraphernalia in the hotel room, no arrests have been made.

This incident was important because it involved Gillum, who was only 32,463 votes away from being Florida’s governor. He is also a CNN political commentator, making him a prominent public figure.

“Just remember, this could have been Florida’s governor in the midst of the #WuhanCoronavirus pandemic. Make sure you vote #Republican in November like your life depends on it, because it does. #Trump2020Landslide,” Woods wrote in his tweet, which included an image of Gillum nude (with his private parts blurred) and passed out.

Since he is locked out of his account, Woods’ girlfriend, Sara Miller, went on Twitter to share his musings on the ban.

“So @RealJamesWoods has been locked out of his account again for sharing ‘intimate media’ of a drunk, naked, puking politician,” she wrote. “His response: ‘Twitter is, of course, protecting Andrew Gillum because no one should ever know how vile these Democrat scum truly are.’ #FreeJamesWoods.”

This is plausible because leftists are notoriously thin-skinned and shun scrutiny of even the most repugnant behavior of one of their own.

Of course, this is just speculation as there are plenty of other examples of Woods’ tweets that ruffle leftists’ feathers (pun intended — wait for it):

The clip he shared shows a woman pluck a baby bird from its nest and eat it whole, an apparent reference to the “wet markets” in Wuhan, China, that sell live vermin of all sorts for human consumption and are suspected to be the source of the coronavirus outbreak.

Despite all of the other vile and inappropriate content filtering through Twitter daily, it seems that only conservatives are held to account for slight infractions.

Are the people who run Twitter sick in the head?

Twitter allows users who encourage the murder of white men to continue to access the platform, but silences many of those who champion the conservative viewpoint. Furthermore, an informal study in February 2019 by Quillette found that conservatives were four times more likely to be censored by Twitter.

While the resolution of the matter has yet to occur, the president’s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., defended Woods, reiterating his assertion about the reason for the ban.

“Of course @twitter is up to their usual nonsense silencing voices that are effective at destroying their narrative. His crime… reposting a pic that was already all over twitter and in mainstream publications!”

Silencing voices like James Woods is par for the course among leftists who can’t seem to let their leaders or even their ideas ever stand up to scrutiny. Mixed with a little Trump Derangement Syndrome, Woods’ Twitter account didn’t stand a chance.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.


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